Publication Policy  
Volume 9* Number 1* February 2013
An Integrative Approach for Classifying Services
Constructing a Technology Readiness Scale for Sports Center RFID Door Security System Users
International Strategy Alliance: Macro-Institutional Environment Perspective
Compare and Contrast Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)with Conventional Bonds, Are they Compatible?
Critical Success Factors for the Assessment and Selection of Labor Dispatch Companies
New Business Structure Could Improve Not-For-Profits
The Impact of Deregulating OBU’s Renminbi’s Business on the Financing Behavior of Taiwanese Businessmen in China
English in Japanese and Philippine Advertising: An Exploratory Comparison
The Effects of Capital Structure on the Corporate Performance of Taiwan-listed Photovoltaic Companies: A Moderator of Corporate Innovation Activities
A Study on the Adoption of the Six-Sigma Methodology for Improving the Competence of Youth Inline Hockey Coaches
Inefficiency in Academia Publishing and Why It Was Not Improved: A Dynamic Equilibrium Model
On Producing a Leisure Involvement Scale for Sports Volunteers for the 2011 Taiwan National Games in Changhua
The Effects of Internationalization on Loan Interest Rates and Debt Ratios of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Taiwan
Analyzing the Effects of Neo Liberal Policy on Primary Female Education Enrollment in Africa
The Effects of Product Attribute’s New Information and Target Compatibility on Consumer Elaboration
Taiwan Banks' Business Risk: The Impact of GFC and Relationship between Different Measures
Organizational Change in ERP Implementation: A dialectical perspective
Does “Made in …” Matter to Chinese Consumers?
The Effects of Information Searching and Information Symmetry on Impulse Buying Decision
A Study on Female Entrepreneurs’ Behavior in Micro-Enterprises in Taiwan – An Application of Planned Behavior Theory