Publication Policy  
Volume 8* Number 1* February 2012
Exploring Indicators of One’s Ability to Identify Opportunities for Corporate Improvement
Innovation and Diffusion of Wind Power in Taiwan
What a Classic Psychological Experiment Can Teach Us Concerning the Value of Global Business Relationships
To Verify How Intellectual Capital Affects Organizational Performance in Listed Taiwan IC Design Companies with Considering the moderator of Corporate Governance
Predicting Takeover Targets– Case of Croatian Insurance Companies (1998-2010)
Multi-Dimensional Classification and Evaluation of B2E Mobile Services for the Tourism Industry
A Note on the Effects of Ethnicity and Gender on Industrial Market Mail Response Rates
Strategic Analysis of Location: Remain or Relocate?
How Accumulation of Intellectual Capital of IC Design Firms Listed in Taiwan Impacts Organization Performances: Organizational Learning Capability as the Mediator
Perceived Customer Value Regarding Eco-cars
Accounting and Financial Reporting for International Trade Offset Obligations
Service Quality, and Customer Satisfaction: Direct and Indirect Effects in a B2B Customer Loyalty Framework
Social Networks in Higher Education: A Study of the Relationship of Social Structural and Proximity Factors to Teacher Credibility and Perceived Quality of Academic Life
Can Personality Traits Influence International Experience Success and Stress Management Strategies of Organizational and Self-Initiating Expatriates?
The Guanxi Strategies of Taiwanese Firms in China’s Economic Reforms
Investor Irrationality and Self-Defeating Behavior: Insights from Behavioral Finance
Growing Jobs and Getting Returns: Impact Investing Through Entrepreneurs
The State of Sexual Harassment in America: What is the Status of Sexual Harassment in the US Workplace Today?
An Analysis of University Freshman Students’ Satisfaction in Using On-line English Practice Exams
Strategic Actions, Structural Choices, and Performance Implications
The Convergence of Financial Institutions in GCC Countries
Managerial Opportunities Post the Last in First Out (LIFO) Methods
A Study on the Relationship among Free-time Management, Leisure Constraints and Leisure Benefits of Employees in Resort Hotel
Understanding Key Impediments to Small Businesses In South Pacific Island Nations: A Case of Fiji
A Study on Speed Skating Players’ Involvement Levels and Perceptions of Benefits
A Study of How the Organizational Culture of International Tourist Hotels Affects Organizational Performance: Using Intellectual Capital as the Mediating Variable
The Study of How the Training of Walking Impacts Physical Fitness of Students with Learning Disability