Publication Policy  
Volume 7* Number 2* August 2011
Inter-generational Changes in Entrepreneurial Values of Chinese Australians
Decision-making style of Chinese consumer on clothing
A Study on Participation Motivation in Exercise, Leisure Constraints, Life Quality, and Job Satisfaction of joggers—A case of joggers in Chiayi County and City
Macao’s Tourism Industry and its Dependence on Mainland China
Insight on How Socio-Economic Minority Student Perceive the Internship Program: A Case Study in South-Eastern of Taiwan Students
Stock Dividend Policy in China
The Influence of Knowledge Management Implementation on Organizational Performance at Taiwan-listed Integrated Circuit Companies: Using Intellectual Capital as the Mediator
Margin Trading and Misadjustment in the Open Economy
Product Recognition Software in Remote Distribution Networks
A Study on Technical Efficiency and Productivity Changes of Taiwan’s Life Insurance Industry
Enhancing Product Development Capabilities via Knowledge Management: A Case Study of Wistron
Prompters of Earnings Restatement: An Exploratory Analysis of Discretionary Accruals before and after SOX
A Study of How the Internal-Service Quality of International Tourist Hotels Affects Organizational Performance: Using Employees’ Job Satisfaction as the Mediator
Information Technology and Information Systems: Its Use as a Competitive and Strategic Weapon
A Study on the Relationship between Chinese Proficiency and the Leisure Constraints of Vietnamese Female Immigrants in Taiwan
The Application of Technology Acceptance Model and Theory of Reasoned Action on the Molecular Gastronomy Message
A Study on Leisure Satisfaction and Quality of Life –Based on badminton participants
Ethical Issues in the Evolution of Corporate Governance in China
The Empirical Study of Success Elements for Effective Web Sites in Taiwan
A New Framework: Make Green Marketing Strategy go with Competitive Strategy
An Empirical Study on the Impacts of Human Resources Management System on Organizational Performance at Taiwan-listed LED Manufacturers with a Mediator of Intellectual Capital
An Investigation of Students’ Attitudes to the Utilization of the Communicative Translation Teaching (CTT) in College English Translation Classrooms