Publication Policy  
Volume 7* Number 1* April 2011
Clearing Up Confusion Over Calculation of Free Cash Flow
The Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector of Saudi Arabia
An EOQ Model with Verhulst’s Demand and Time-Dependent Deterioration Rate
Financial Literacy: What Are Business Schools Teaching?
Analysis of Online Word-of-Mouth of Blogs-Taking the Best-Selling Facial Masks
Generation Y Consumer Choice for Organic Foods
The Empirical Study on the Evaluation of Training Programs - In the case of HR Professionals for Tourism and High-Tech Industry in Taiwan
Applying Content Validity Coefficient and Homogeneity Reliability Coefficient to Investigate the Experiential Marketing Scale for Leisure Farms
Analysis and Outlook of the Greek Financial Crisis
Distinguishing Between Leaders and Leadership in Global Business
The Determinants of Brand Loyalty in the Online and Offline Banking Sectors