Publication Policy  
Volume 6* Number 1* February 2010
Overall Governance and Cost of Capital: Evidence From Canada Using Panel Data
The Influence of Nature on Outcomes of Three Players Game
Validity Evidence for the Cube One Framework: Examination of Objective Data
Expansion Trend of Fast Food Franchises in Metro Manila
An EOQ Model for Defective Items with Shortages
Corporate Ownership, R&D Investment and Performance of Canadian Firms
The Joint Effects of Geographical Diversification to MNEs’ Performance Through China Investment
Corporate Venturing, Agency Problems, and Environmental Antecedents
Pricing American Call Options with Dividend and Stochastic Interest Rate
Measuring the Sustainability of Global Supply Chains: Current Practices and Future Directions
A Discussion on the Correlations between Küng’s Global Ethic and Business Ethics-A Critical Review
Increasing National Competitiveness in terms of the Human Resource Commercialization as well as Delegation and Empowerment of Public Sector
The Mediating Effect of Knowledge Management on Customer Orientation and Job Performance of Salespeople
Russia’s Accession of WTO Membership and Its Implications on the Russian Economy
The Development of International Franchise Network
Relationship Between Job Characteristics and Flow Experience of R&D Personnel: Case study of A High Technology Company in Taiwan
Employee Development Approach for Generation Yers: A Conceptual Framework
E-Commerce Adoption Strategies for Rural B&B in Taiwan
A Study on Trust Building and Its Derived Value in C2C E-Commerce
Bond Prices and Interest Rates: Techniques for Teaching Their Inverse Relationship
Model of Taxi Electronic Micropayment Services
Intellectual Capital: A Human Resources Perspective
Importing Fuzzy Measure to Relative Scores of Solar Industry Efficiency
Macro Sentiment and the Type and Characteristics of Corporate Debt Issues