Publication Policy  
Volume 5* Number 1* April 2009
Competition and Low-Balling: Evidence from Texas Municipalities
Universal Ethic Factors and Hans Küng’s Global Ethic in Contemporary Capitalist Values
How Philosophy of Environmental Education helps in Solving the Environmental Problems
A Novel Approach to Evaluate Financial Performance of the Listed Airline Companies in Taiwan
Whose Responsibility is it to Deter and Detect Fraud? The Role of Management, the Auditor and the Fraud Examiner
The Mediation and Moderation Effect of Marketing Interaction Relationship to the Bank Performance: An Empirical Banking e-Service Study in Taiwan
A Model of the Schumpeterian “Process of Creative Destruction”
Adapting Consumer Style Inventory to Chinese Consumers in Malaysia: An International Comparison
A Cognitive Analysis of Customer Preferences Regarding TheMed Restaurants in Taiwan
Risks and Risk Management of Collateralized Debt Obligations
Uncertainty in Portfolio Liquidation
Consumer Attitudes towards Foreign Products: an Integrative Review of its Origins and Consequences
Factors that affect consumer trust in online shopping in Taiwan
The REIT Niche and the UK REIT Market
Study on Food Selection and Satisfaction of Passengers and Airport Staffs in Taoyuan International Airport
Analysis of Satisfaction amongst the Government Medical Officer and its Relation to the Behavioral Factors
Social Marketing Message Framing and Recipient Mood
The Real Effective Exchange Rate of the WAEMU Countries after the Devaluation and the Parity Switch
A Study on Japanese Culture and Styles of Business Negotiation
Conflict Resolution Strategies and Marketing Channel Relationships: Framework and Research Propositions
A Case Study of Indoor Wireless LAN Layout for Campus
Organizational - Level Training Needs Analysis (TNA): Findings from the Top 1000 Companies in Malaysia
Performance and Risk of Taiwan Eco-Fund
Integrative Approach to Strategic Marketing Planning: An Action Research Case Study
Environmental Management Systems: An Exploratory Study in Taiwan
Exchange Rate Homeward Exposure and Lending Competitive Behavior: An Operation Management Approach
International Vendors and Trust in Electronic Auctions
The Influences of Advertising Endorser, Brand Image, Brand Equity, Price Promotion, on Purchase Intention- The Mediating Effect of Advertising Endorser
Study on the Relation between Activity Involvement and Place Attachment: With the PaGua Mountain Bikeway in Changhua County as the Focus Area
Civilizing and Destructive: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Globalization and National Labor Standards
An Examination of the Audit Opinions and Financial Measures of a Sample of Bankrupt Companies Under SAS No. 59 and Their Present Status
Sustainable Development and Urban Transitions in China
Multinationals from Emerging Economies: Trends, Patterns and Determinants of Outward Direct Investment Made by Malaysian firms
Corporate Misconduct: Suggestions for the Future
How Taste Dispersion Affects Optimal Prices, Advertising Expenditures, and Profits in a Dynamic Duopoly
Organizational Climate as a Predictor to Job Satisfaction of New Faculties in Three Public Universities of Malaysia