Publication Policy  
Volume 4* Number 1* April 2008
Collaborative Crisis Communication: A Case Study
Strategic Alignment: From Attention to Execution
Potential Impacts of Globalization on Changing Job Quality and Worker Satisfaction: A Descriptive Cross-National Comparative Examination
Impacts of Knowledge Integration on New Product Development
A Brief History of the 1930s Securities Laws in the United States – And the Potential Lesson for Today
The Impact of Customer Service through Information Systems for Lodging Industry
Assessing the Impact of Export Performance: A Critical Analysis of its Effect on Diversification
The Relationship among Internationalization Motivations, Strategic Factors, Entry Modes, Organizational Controls and Operational Performances – A Study of Taiwanese Enterprises in Mainland China
Analysis of Global Marketing Strategies in Distilled Spirits Industry: Absolut Vodka
Available Capacity Allocation Planning for Forecasting Collaboration with Uncertain Demand
The Evolution of Performance Measurement System (PMS) and Linkage to the Environmental Uncertainty and Strategy; a Review of Literature
Modeling A Design System Using the Mahalanobis Taguchi System
An Exploratory Study of How Entrepreneurial IT Firms in India Compete in the Market
Innovations: an Essential for Hi-Tech. Surviving
The Effects of Transformation leadership, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction on the Organizational Performance in the Non-profit Organizations
Post-Orange Revolution Environment for Business in Ukraine: Analysis and Recommendations
On-Line Pricing in the Hotel Industry: A Multilevel Analysis
Managers’ Entrenchment Strategies and Corporate Bankruptcy: an Empirical Analysis
The Potential Relationship between Automobile Advertising and Consumers
ANTECEDENTS OF BRAND STRENGTH: Perceived Hedonic and Utilitarian Brand Benefits
The Study of Key Success Factors for Transformation of Agricultural Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan – Applies Fuzzy Theory and View of Value Chain
An Examination of Factors that Affect Pricing Decisions for Export Markets
Defense Spending and Economic Growth: An Endogenous Growth Model
Person-Job Fit Perception: The Influence on Work Adjustment of Academe Newcomers
A Two-Phase Order Promising Process Framework
The Characteristics of Bidding Firms and the Likelihood of Cross-border Acquisitions
The Value of Vocational Education An Example from the Department of Hospitality Management At National Taitung Junior College in Taiwan
Lifestyle Segmentation, Recreational Benefits and Consumption Behavior of Tourists Visiting Hot Spring Areas
Familiar or Not: Does It Matter with Team Performance?
Conflict Is Not Bad: Interpersonal Conflict and Knowledge Sharing
An Empirical Study of the Relationships among Employee’s Perceptions of HR Practice, Human Capital, and Department Performance: A case of AT&T SubordinateTelecoms Company in Taiwan
The Extreme Behavior of the TED Spread
Analyzing the Relationship between Multinational Corporate Strategy and Financial Derivatives in Taiwan
A Study of the Performance Indicators at the Public Vocational Training Institute in Taiwan
A Direct Finance Deposit and Borrowing Method Built Upon the Web Implemented Bidding ROSCA Model
Financial Risk Management of Life Insurers by CAMEL-S Rating
Study the Global Virtual Team: Leadership, Trust, Training, Communication and Performance in Taiwan
Multi-view Ontology Based Logistical Management System
Short-Term and Long-Run Performance Appraisal System: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Convenience Stores
How Does R & D Evolution of the Notebook Company in Taiwan – Based on the Company C
Analysis on the Productivity of CPA Industry
The Influence of Intergeneration Differences on Work Attitude
Discuss Factors of How Online Music Business Model Influences Traditional Music Industry Based on the Destructive Innovation
The Optimal Contract of Online Advertisement: An Agency Perspective
The Contents, Conception and Strategy of Internet Marketing Operated by Industries through Data Mining Analysis of Websites in Taiwan
Influence of Leadership Competencies on Extension Workers’ Performance in Yemen
Evidence of Revenue Equivalence in B2B Open, Reverse e-Auctions and First Price Sealed Bids