Publication Policy  
Volume 3* Number 2* October 2007
Decision Making in the International Market: Is Discretion Theory Applicable
Provincial and District Extension Agents in Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Perceived Differences in Extension Skills and Performance
Enlightened Management: An Analysis of Buddhist Precepts Applied to Managerial Activity
Legal Issues in Outsourcing: What Businesses Should Know
The International Marketing Operation of Agricultural Cooperatives in Taiwan
Cultural Diversity Education: Response to a Flat World
The Influence of Front Liner’s Personality Types on Developing Customer Orientation Bahaviour: A look at Malaysian Hotel Industry
The Business of Immigration
Benchmarking the Japanese and Filipino Managerial Paradigm: Developing Alternative Management Tool
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Spillovers in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Impact of Net Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth, Unemployment and Openness: A Panel Data Analysis of nine Central and East European Countries
Religiosity and Shopping Orientation: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Thailand Consumers
What E-commerce Website Should do to Attract Taiwanese Adult Generation Y Online Shoppers
Entrepreneurship and the Public Sector
The Interrelationships among e-Service Quality, Store Images, Trust and Loyalty A Study of Online Stores in Taiwan
The Understanding of Meaning and Cultural Significance of Leisure, Recreation and Sport in Malaysia towards Capitalizing Human Resources
FORECASTING CONSUMER ADOPTION OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: Choosing the Appropriate Diffusion Models for New Products and Services Before Launch
A Study of Domestic Air Passengers’ Preference for High-Speed Rail Mode in Taiwan
The Effect of Global Diversification on Long-Term Acquiring Firm Valuation
Management of Effective Schools in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges
Knowledge Network Communication in Virtual Setting: A Case of Collaborative Franchise System in China
Modeling the Inter-relationship Between Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty of International Tourist Visiting the Malaysian Islands
Development of Short-form Knowledge-based Economy Scorecards

The Attraction and Retention of Lower-Level Maquiladora Workers

Exploring Consumer Online Resale Behavior
Personal Stress under Organizational Change in Small Business
Continuous Entrepreneurial Mechanism in the Modern Conglomerate- Through the Perspective of Complex Adaptive System
Revising the Brand Evolution Stage Model - a Case Study of an Asian IT Company
The Means-end Chain Connections among the Attributes, Consequences, and Values of College Students’ Graduation Travel