Publication Policy  
Volume 2* Number 3* December 2006
Establishing Organizational Image: A Conceptual Model
Bayesian Clustering Analysis: A Case Study for Personal Income of USA
Moderating Role of Job Performance on the Relationship between Career Plateauing and Work Outcomes among Administrative and Diplomatic Officers in Malaysia
The Socio-Demographic Profile and Buying Behaviors of Generation Y Online Shoppers: A Survey Study in Taiwan
What did you Get from your School?: Case Studies at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom
A Systems Dynamics View of Tourism Development in Kenya
Firms’ Exchange Rate Exposure under Various Exchange Rate Regimes
Speculation and Stock Prices: An Analysis from the Herding Approach
Adoption of Ubiquitous Information Communication Technologies: An Institutional Perspective
Emerging Technology for Enhancing Service Quality: PDA’s as Your Devices in Mobile Internet Banking Environment
Understanding the Ethical Behavior of Healthcare Personnel: A Perspective of Human Resource Management
The Review of Supervisory Practices in Research Student Policies
Customer-Oriented in Taiwan’s Extension Education Market
Culture’s Role in Global Business Ethics: An Exploratory Study on Taiwanese Business Leaders’ Perceptions of Corporate Ethics
Liquidity Risks and Expected REIT Returns
Relation between Business Experience, Local Area Network (LAN) and Website Ownership towards the Attitudes and the Usage of Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) among Bumiputera Entrepreneurs
Individual Resistance from Employees to Organizational Change
The Relation between Ideology and Decision-making
How to Effectively Carry Out a Balanced Scorecard-Evidence from One Bank
Research on Business TQM of Government Departments and Operational Performance: Using the Application in a Non-profit Organization as an Example
Is an Auditory Presentation Mode Different from a Visual Presentation Mode on Price Promotion?
Impacts of Country-of-Origin Image, Price Level, and Advertising Information Content on Consumer Purchase Behavior
Subcultural Influence on Chinese Negotiation Styles
Theoretical Analysis of the Exchange Rate Exposure
The Effects of Culture, Customer Focus, and Job Satisfaction on Frontline Employee’s Intention of Leaving
The Effect of Leadership and Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium Enterprises on Business Performance in Taiwan