Publication Policy  
Volume 2* Number 2* August 2006
Role of Technopreneurs in Malaysian Economic
U.S. Entrepreneurial Invisible Colleges: Infused and Disassociated Cultures
Interpretation of Internet Technology
Influences of Culture on Inter-Unit Knowledge Transfer Processes within Multinational Corporations
The Correlation Model among Service of Medical Quality, Operation Performance, Post-purchase intentions and job satisfaction under National Health Insurance --- The Case of Three Hospitals in Tainan Metropolis
Pricing and Hedging of Currency Futures Options via the MEMM
A Comparative Study on MNE’s Intra-firm Trade Strategies of Taiwan’s and Japan’s Subsidiaries in China
Work and Non-work Dichotomy: The Influence of Inter-Role Conflict on Quality of Life of Managers in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
A Study on the Operation and Management of Internet Multimedia
Faces of Pricing and profit planning at the doorstep of the EU: Government pricing policy in the innovative pharmaceutical sector in Turkey
Revisiting the Effectiveness of Institutional Antecedents in Building On-line Initial Trust from the Perspective of Signal Theory
Instructor’s Quality of Architecture Program in Thailand
An Empirical Study of Resource Contribution in SMEs Alliance
Issues in Educational Loan Repayment in Malaysia
The Competitive Strategies of Taiwanese Hi-Tech Industry
Budget-Current Account Deficits Nexus in Malaysia
A Comparative Study of the Alliance Experiences between MNE’s Taiwanese Subsidiaries
The Internationalization of Born Globals: Entrepreneurship, Internet, and Entry Strategies
Building Better Relationship and Quality Services towards a Customer Centered Factoring Company
Using Kano’s Model to Evaluate Employee Satisfaction–as Applied for Taiwanese High-Tech Industry
Niche Width and Strategic Adaptive: Case Study
Uniqueness of Career in Academia: Experience of High-Flying Women Academics
The Effect of Knowledge Protection, Knowledge Ambiguity, and Relational Capital on Alliance Performance
Slack Resource Effect on Multinational Firm Global Strategic Posture
Determining the Predictors of Employees’ Work Attitude Among Non Professional Married Working Women
The Misuse of Internet Marketing: A Mail-Order-Bride Practice in Philippines
The Influence of Management Skills, Roles and Functions on Organizational Effectiveness
The Effect of Personoligical Factors on Organizational Leadership
Exploring the Internet and Internet Commerce Impact in the SME Internationalization:Evidence from Taiwan’s Market
Implementation and Application of RFID EPC Information Service for Forward and Reverse Logistics
Governance structures of alliances: Transaction costs versus Competence perspective
Weak Form Market Efficiency Hypothesis Testing –A Price Asymmetry Viewpoint
A Study of the Effect of Social Influence on the College Student’s Attitude and Behavior for Playing Online Games
A Comparison of Taiwanese and Chinese Business Negotiations and Conflict Resolution