Publication Policy  
Volume 15* Number 2* October 2019
Digitally Enhanced Crossover Learning Strategies: Connecting Formal and Informal Learning Environments
Open Educational Resources Adoption in Business Schools
Effective School Leadership in High-Performing High-Poverty Elementary Schools in South Texas
Adaptive Leadership Diagnostics: A Conceptual Framework Drawing Upon Three Generations of Business Leaders
Revisiting SWOT Analysis: A Widely Misused Decision-making Tool
The Importance of Early Intervention (EI) and How It Benefits Schools
Administrative and Financial Accounting: Total Success through the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
§72(t) Penalty First-Time Home Buyer Exception: An Analysis of Court Rulings
GDP: Why is Mexico Growing to Just One Digit and China to Double Digit?
Glass Recycling in Erie County
Demand Forecasting Approach for Optimizing Inventory Volume in Warehouses
A Study of Asian American Model Minority Myth: Stereotypes and Self- Identity
It’s All Relative: Using Relative Measures of CEO Power
Research on Effects of Leisure Constraints and Leisure Participation Motivation of Bunun Middle-Aged and Elderly Indigenous People in Taichung City on Leisure Satisfaction
Classroom: The Effects on Student Perceptions and Performance
An Alternative to Universities offering an Entrepreneurial Degree: Incorporating Entrepreneurial Traits Through Improving Cognitive Complexity
Does the Government Expenditure on Utility Enhancing Public Capital Increase the Economic Growth?
An Analysis of Life Expectancy Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa
The “Digital Era” of Translational Research: The Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Translational Research
An Investigation of American Pharmaceutical Trade Policy and the Implications on Global Product Management