Publication Policy  
Volume 12* Number 2* October 2016
Assessing the Impact on Cash Flows from Operating Activities–FASB’s Proposed Accounting Standards Update
Does Size Matter in Firm Performance? Benchmarking the Dynamic Efficiency of Casino Industry
Export Payment Collection for Entrepreneurs and Exporters: Multiple Case Studies of Post Uniform Customs & Practice 600
Tax Collection Performance of Local Tax Authorities in Taiwan
Managing the Self-Directed and Self-Motivated
Effects of Total Quality Management Implementation and Supply Chain Management Capability on Customer Capital
Exploring the effect of Financial Literacy Programs on Low-Income Adults
The World Trade Organization 20 Years on: Governance, Innovation and Prospects
The Relationship between Pet-owner Personality Traits and Interpersonal Communication Competence-The Mediator of Pet Attachment
Case Study: Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation
The Challenge of Web Privacy Safety in the E-Marketplace
Globalization and Economic Development in Sub-Sahara Africa in Historical Perspective
The Impact of Brand Image and Discounted Price on Purchase Intention in Outlet Mall: Consumer Attitude as Mediator
The Dynamic Organizational Model: Its Principles, Implementation Methods and Impact on Corporate Culture
The Effects of Incorporating Information Technology into Classrooms and Practicing Teaching Innovation on Learning Effectiveness
The Impact of Scale Length on the T-Statistic
A Study on the Correlations among Leisure Lifestyle, Leisure Resourcefulness and Forest Sports Parks’ Use Intention of esidents in Taichung City, Taiwan
Business Incubators as Drivers of “PIVOTAL TALENT” Development in China
A Study into the Impact of Occupational Burnout on the Job Performance of Enterprises’ Employees