Publication Policy  
Volume 10* Number 1* April 2014
Auditor Competition, Auditor Market Share, and Audit Pricing – Evidence From a Developing Country
How to Protect and Increase Brand Equity?
The Relative Study of Gender Roles, and Job Stress and Adversity Quotient
The Increasing Usage of Professional Contingent Workers: A Review
Key Factors’ Weight Evaluation of a Manager’s Leadership Skill and Personality Traits upon Job Performance as exemplified with Taiwanese Listed IC Design Houses
Impacts of Internships on Students’ Personal/Business Values and the Role of Their Personality Traits
A Study of Local Season Produce Promotion Model in Taiwan-Case by 2014 Taiping Loquat Festival
What’s Driving Us?: Examining Possible Antecedents of the Use of Television Advertising and Programming for Social Comparison in China
An Approach to Strategic Situation Analysis: Using Models as Analytical Tools
Disintermediation-Activity Matrix: A Framework for Adoption in the Chemical Industry
International Brand Management and Strategy: Apparel Market in China
Something from Nothing: The Paradoxes and Challenges of Communicating Innovation
The Fraud-on-the-Market Method of Proving Securities Fraud: Indispensable Theory, Or Device to Induce Settlements?
The Research of Taiwanese Aborigine and Non-aborigine College Students’ Attitude towards Participating in Recreational Sports